Update on bite-size guidance library

Where do you go to when you want to remind yourself of the salient practice issues for managing NETs? ENETS, UKINETS, NANETS guidance? Sometimes you just want an easy “bite-size” summary of the issues with up to date references. The Clinical Practice Committee is on to this – with the first, of many, items for our website “Bite-size library” about to go live.  The first bite size guidance topics are Goblet Cell carcinoid; Perioperative management of patients with carcinoids and; Surveillance / management of carcinoid heart disease. The aim is to make these as practical as possible so small topics e.g. “how best to dose escalate mitotane in adrenocortical cancer” just as important as larger ones e.g. “follow up of resected neuroendocrine tumours”.

Is there a practice area you are screaming out for a bite-size summary on? Let us know and we might be able to help.

Much of what we do in NETs is based on clinical experience rather than good evidence. UKINETS is in a unique position to try and improve the NETs knowledge base by pooling the experience, data and knowledge from our members through retrospective and prospective audits ( I know – clinical data review really ). Much of what we develop may end up being hypothesis generating rather than giving evidence based answers to clinical issues – but we need to start somewhere and now seems like a good time. Hope you might be happy to help when we get in touch.