Fees and Application

Membership Fees

There are two levels of payment according to occupation.

Clinicians and Consultants (including ENETS membership)


Membership fee: £110


Trainees**, Nurses, Scientists and Allied Health Professionals


Membership fee: £35


Trainees**, Nurses, Scientists and Allied Health Professionals (including ENETS membership)


Membership fee: £40


** A trainee is defined as anyone who has not yet reached the date of completion of their training nor achieved consultant status.  Trainees are eligible for a reduced subscription rate until completion of training is achieved when they will automatically pay the full member rate.  The date of completion of training must be provided when applying for membership and the trainee must notify the UKI NETS Office if completion is achieved before that date.  The maximum period for this category of membership is 3 years, after which the trainee will automatically be moved to a full member rate.

Application for UKI NETS Membership

Applications are now invited for membership of the UK and Ireland Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (UKI NETS).

Download application form: UKI NETS Membership Application Form

Applicants will be sent a personalised payment link by a member of the UKI NETS membership team upon receipt of your completed application form. All new memberships must be accompanied by payment of the first year’s membership fee.

Please download, complete and email the application to enquiries@ukinets.org

Applications will be reviewed by the UKI NETS Secretary on a monthly basis. After approval, applicants will receive correspondence from the UKI NETS Office confirming their membership.

The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Applicants will be expected to pay the full year’s membership fee in their first year, regardless of when their application is approved. The membership fee will not be reduced on a pro-rata basis. If you apply for membership during the period 1 September to 31 December, your membership payment will cover the remainder of that year and all of the following year. Membership renewals will be requested in October.

Members who have not paid their annual membership fee will not be entitled to vote at Annual General Meeting.