Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and NETs in England

This project was completed by Katy Odonnell , Ron Basuroy and John Ramage following a grant from NET Patient Foundation.

The project has detailed the number of ileocolonic NET found in the BCSP in England . The total number found was 110 and these are show in the table below. There is data on follow up of a lot of these patients, and the data can in theory be linked with Public Health England NET data. This linkage is being actively pursued at present. The Bowel Screening programme is under the control of PHE.

The main conclusions of this data is that a significant number of NET’s are found at Bowel Cancer screening but they are not well recorded at present, and the follow up is not consistent. The BCSP uses Faecal occult blood testing followed by Colonoscopy ( dual screening ).  It seems that the FOB testing does not add to the numbers found, but colonoscopy in this age groups ( over 60s) will pick up a significant number of colorectal and ileal NET.  There may be interest in collecting data in the new bowelscope screening for the population over 50 which  has started in England in 2016.

A number of other countries are collecting this data and JKR is teaming up with groups in Amsterdam and Warsaw to combine the data. The world endoscopy organisation is interested in taking this data forward worldwide. The Uk data has been presented at oral presentations at the British Society of Gastroenterology meeting in Liverpool 2016 and is to be presented at ENETS in Barcelona.

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