New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Birmingham Neuroendocrine Tumour Centre

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust


ENETS certified Centre of Excellence

Lead clinician: Dr Tahir Shah

NET CNS: Stacey Smith, Suzanne Vickrage, Joanne Kemp-Blake

NET clinics: Monday am, Tuesday pm. Multi-disciplinary Carcinoid Heart Disease clinic Monday PM every 4 weeks

Referral deadline: External referrals by Tuesday 1300hrs.

QEHB NET referral proforma can be accessed via the link:
For NET MDT enquiries email the NET MDT co-ordinator at [email protected]

For general enquires please phone 0121 371 4671 or email [email protected]

We provide  all aspects of highly specialised care under one roof. We are the largest CHD services in UK and have managed to successfully treat some of the most difficult and challenging cases.  We have a dedicated NET/CHD MDT twice monthly, where NET team meet  with cardiac surgeons, cardiologist, anaesthetics and intensivists. We also provide specialist Nutritional  and dietetics service. This service is a marker of the quality of care we provide in all aspects patient management.