Liverpool Neuroendocrine Tumour Service (Royal Liverpool)

This service is based across two hospital sites within Liverpool – University Hospital Aintree NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust

There is a joint MDT held every Monday morning and the two sites link via videoconference.

NET clinic (Aintree): held each Thursday (attended by Prof Poston, Dr Daniel Cuthbertson and Melissa Banks)

NET clinic (Royal): Thursdays (attended by Prof Pritchard, Prof Vinjamuri, Prof Vora, Mr Raraty and Gail McKane)

New referrals are discussed at the MDT and will be reviewed by the most appropriate clinician (e.g. surgery/nuclear medicines etc.)

Contact for Royal Liverpool
Gail McKane NET Specialist Nurse
Tel: 0151 706 3482
Fax: 0151 706 5929