Neuroendocrine Cancer UK – helping you support your patients

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK – helping you support your patients

NCUK have produced a fantastic document outlining how they can help HCPs support their NET patients. You can download the document here…

Conversation Openers: bite-size educational videos on how to communicate with your neuroendocrine patient about their mental health and wellbeing

Conversation Openers, in partnership with rareminds, will act as a follow on from the 2022 Open Conversations report which highlighted a need for greater understanding of the psychological and emotional impact faced by neuroendocrine cancer (NC) patients and carers compared with the ‘common’ cancer population.  The report recommended that healthcare professionals should hold open and ongoing conversations with their patients about neuroendocrine cancer and mental healthand Conversation Openers will support HCPs by providing some practical communication tips on how they can have these open and ongoing conversations.  

Conversation Openers consists of a short series of ‘bitesize’ videos which are easy and quick to watch(all are under 10 minutes in length) and cover topics including the emotional challenges of a rarer cancer for patients, how to integrate mental health and wellbeing into routine care, how to start conversations around mental health and practical communication tips.

Please access the Conversation Openers videos here:


Neuroendocrine Cancer UK ‘Natter’ patient support groups

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK provide community-based support groups, called natters. These meetings offer an opportunity to meet others affected by neuroendocrine cancer.  They can be local, regional or national and are offered both online and face-to-face.  They are for patients, their family, friends, and supporters, and allow a space to share experiences, make friends and create a supportive network.

A calendar of the ‘natter’ groups can be found here, so please pass this on to your patients.

Events – Neuroendocrine Cancer UK


SAVE THE DATE – Radioligand Therapy (RLT) in the UK, Friday 8th Nov, London.  More information to follow.