NCUK Practice Changing Grants

Advancing Neuroendocrine Cancer Research

NCUK’s new campaign, Advancing Neuroendocrine Cancer Research, aims to raise more funds for Neuroendocrine Cancer research to support those with the condition both today and in the future.

Our 2-pronged approach to achieving our aims:

1. To help our community now, we are collaborating with UKINETS to fund at least 3 practice-changing grants a year.  The aim of these is to find new and practical ways to improve the lives and experience of people with neuroendocrine cancer (outcomes must be shown within 12 months). These grants are practical in nature, open to any healthcare professional and must demonstrate a clear benefit for people with NC.  More information on these below.
2. Funding ‘big question’ research over the medium-longer term to achieve ‘big answers’ to improving the understanding and management of Neuroendocrine Cancer.  Big questions include what causes the disease, genetic implications, genomics, reducing delays to diagnosis, further understanding of NC, and enabling access to better treatments and management options.


Practice-changing grants, a collaboration between NCUK & UKINETS – Applications now open

To help patients today, NCUK are launching these practice-changing grants in collaboration with UKINETS to help people with neuroendocrine cancer.

The aim is to support healthcare professionals to find new and practical ways to help improve the lives of people with neuroendocrine cancer with rapid implementation (within 12 months).

These grants are open to any healthcare professional. NCUK will fund a maximum of 3 grants of up to £10,000 each per year.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 1st October 2023.

For more information about these grants and to download an application form please go to Practice-changing Grants – Neuroendocrine Cancer UK

Please email Lisa at [email protected] if you have any questions about the grants.



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