NCUK 2023 Virtual Pathway Challenge

Please support us with our Virtual Pathway Challenge Fundraiser and let your patients know about it!

We are thrilled to introduce Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’s national fundraising challenge: the 2023 Virtual Pathway Challenge! We will virtually and collectively walk, run or cycle 2100 miles (3380km), which is the distance from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to NCUK headquarters in Leamington Spa, stopping off at all the neuroendocrine cancer centres along the way. You can choose to run, walk, trek, or cycle and can set your own distance.  

It is an opportunity to be part of something truly special, a nationwide community dedicated to achieving neuroendocrine cancer excellence. The challenge starts in June and ends on November 10th, World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day.  

Our target is to raise £50,000 from this event which will go towards funding the practice-changing grants.

Watch this space as we’ll be contacting you to see which MDT CoE can achieve the most miles!

For more information and to sign up: