UKINETS Webinar Series: Liver Transplantation in NETs 4th July

Our first of a series of UKINETS webinars was on Teams on the 7th February 2023 6-7 pm and was entitled: Nutrition in NET. Over 50 HCPs joined remotely for this 1-hour evening event. This was a multidisciplinary review of all the important aspects of management of nutrition with some specific clinical scenarios. Charlotte Dowd (dietitian) ran through effective nutrition in NET, Sam Ford (surgeon)and Liz Bradley (dietitian) discussed how to prepare the NET patient from this perspective and Tak-Wai Ho (dietitian) and myself (Alia Munir endocrinologist) reviewed the NET specific scenario of management and nutrition in insulinoma.

This first webinar received excellent feedback in all aspects in particular: ease of logging on, the topic, the speakers and that it was free! All sessions scored very highly, and the recording is available to view here…

Our next webinar was on the 4th of July on Liver Transplantation in NET. Here we discussed: The inclusion criteria and the referral pathway for the National Liver Transplant in NET MDT (Tahir Shah gastroenterologist and Stacy Smith nurse specialist), An up to date review of the literature and surgical outcomes (John Ramage gastroenterologist and Joerg- Matthias Pollok transplant surgeon) and real world experience Raj Srirajaskanthan gastroenterologist and Sarah Brown gastroenterologist.

The webinar slides and video will be available shortly to view on this website…


The third webinar of the year will be in the Autumn to review the new NET patient pathway from NCUK.

Please do join us for these exciting upcoming events!