AAA satellite symposium 1st December

This AAA satellite symposium is organised for 1st December, titled “Precision Diagnosis and Optimized Treatment in GEP-NETs”. This is approved by the UKI NETS executive and will be chaired by Professor John Newell-Price and Professor Martyn Caplin. 

Themes of the meeting include Patient Journey to Diagnosis, the Practical Role of imaging in GEP-NETs, treatment options for PanNETs, treatment outcomes and QoL in GEP-NETs, and medical case presentations. 

Imaging Equipment Limited will be funding and managing this event.
Imaging Equipment Limited is a subsidiary of Advance Accelerator Applications, a Novartis company.

The satellite symposium is approved by the UKI NETS Executive and is part of the UKI NETS conference, which continues the following day.

This is an invitation only event which will be held in a private room in the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham.

For more details, and to register, please see the invitation and programme…