Update from the UKINETS Education Committee

The UKINETs education and training committee have been thinking about a number of areas. Although we now have a clear policy in place for endorsement and co-badging of meetings, no formal requests have been received yet. If you are hosting a NETs-based meeting in your area or region or involving some training for local MDT’s please get in touch. We would like to help you with endorsement and wider publicity for such events. We are also delighted to note that there will be a joint meeting between UKINETs and the British Nuclear Medicine Society will be held on 8 February 2017. We hope that you will try to attend and that there will be future collaborative interdisciplinary meetings. Our GP representative has been working hard on  GP education and the GP awareness project in close association with the NET patient foundation. The information and the banner pens have been well received at GP events.

We are also committed to a NETBasics course for trainees and allied health professionals who want to gain some basic knowledge and skills to enhance their contributions to the NET MDT. We are still pursuing suitable funding for this but hope to have a date fixed soon for Autumn 2017.   Plans are also ongoing to work towards a PgCert course with University accreditation. This might have multidisciplinary appeal but may particularly benefit the gap in available nursing education. Don’t forget also that your UKINETs membership gives you access to ENETs membership and the ENETs website which includes some useful online educational resources. We will keep you posted about our work, but do let us know if you have any ideas about education and training that would benefit you or your MDT.

Prof Maralyn Druce