NET Cancer Day 2016 – November 10th

This Thursday marks worldwide NET Cancer Day, and in hospitals around the country, volunteers are manning stalls to raise awareness of NET cancer. Please have a look out for them in your hospital, and lend your support.

On Thursday, the NET Patient Foundation will be publishing a report ‘Where is Chapter 10?’. The publication of the National 5-Year Strategy for Cancer, and the commitment from the National Cancer Director to implement it, were important milestones in cancer care. However, the NET Patient Foundation are concerned that the Strategy appears to focus on the better known and better catered for cancers, those that are already well-established. Too often in the Strategy, as in life, those who follow a less common pathway are overlooked, albeit unintentionally.

The NET Patient Foundation has decided to speak out and question current representation of those with cancerous NETs, or other rare and less common cancers. On NET Cancer Day 2016 we will be launching a report highlighting areas for improvement and asking the important question ‘Where is Chapter 10?’ of the Strategy. Where is the chapter concentrating on those with a cancerous NET or other rare and less common cancers? You can support this campaign on Twitter (#WhereIsChapter10?) and by adding your name to the Thunderclap.