Endocrine-Related Cancer journal celebrates mid-career female oncologists

Three special issues have recently been published in the journal Endocrine-Related Cancer. Of particular note is the November issue which contains a special collection of profiles and reviews by mid-career female oncologists.

This thematic series, guest-edited by Deborah Marsh and Charis Eng, was created following a call for nominations of outstanding women in cancer research.

Here, they share their personal stories, giving readers glimpses into the challenges, decision-making processes and roads travelled on their paths to achieving their professional goals.

Outstanding Women in Cancer Research http://erc.endocrinology-journals.org/content/vol23/issue11/

20 Years of BRCA 1 and 2  http://erc.endocrinology-journals.org/content/vol23/issue10/

Stem cells and cancer http://erc.endocrinology-journals.org/content/22/6.toc

15 Years of Paraganglioma http://erc.endocrinology-journals.org/content/vol22/issue4/

Ubiquitination and cancer http://erc.endocrinology-journals.org/content/22/1.toc