Executive Committee

Chairman: Professor John Ramage (London)

Immediate Past Chairman: Professor Nick Reed (Glasgow)

Secretary: Professor Juan Valle (Manchester)

Treasurer: Professor John Newell-Price (Sheffield)

Programme Organising Committee Chair: Dr Christos Toumpanakis (London)

Education and Training Committee Chair: Professor Maralyn Druce (London)

Publicity and Media Committee Chair: Dr Tahir Shah (Birmingham)

Research Committee Chair: Dr Chrissie Thirlwell (London)

Clinical Practice Committee Chair: Dr Alan Anthoney (Leeds)

NET Patient Foundation representative: Ms Maia Sissons

Programme Organising Committee

Education and Training Committee

To support our aim to broaden access and publicity to neuroendocrine tumour education and meetings, the Education and Training Committee has developed a new policy for endorsing and co-badging NET meetings.

UKINETS Policy for Endorsing and Co-badging NET Meetings (PDF)

If you or your local MDT or your region or your local specialist society are thinking about setting up an educational meeting we would like to be involved.

Publicity and Media Committee

Research Committee

Clinical Practice Committee